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Choosing to hire a WordPress developer may not be that easy as there are millions of developers around today and you cannot rely on just any one of them. Well, here are some crucial questions you can ask before choosing the WordPress developer for your project.
Pros and Cons of Wordpress CMS
Since WordPress is popularly known as a great blogging platform, CMS enthusiasts often debate about its use as a content management system. Using the right plugins, WordPress can also be used as a great CMS. The following list is meant for those who like to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of a particular CMS: Pros of WordPress When Used as a CMS: WordPress is known for being simple to use.
Missing A Temporary Folder error in Wordpress 3.2.1','missint-temp-folder-wordpress','','A wordpress site I was recently working on suddenly started getting an error "Missing a Temporary Folder" when trying to upload an image file.
There were lots of suggestions to change settings in htaccess, php.ini, create /tmp and /wwwtmp directories, but none of these worked for me. Then I found this solution:
Shivasoft Solution to Wordpress 3.2.1 "Missing a Temporary Folder" Problem\"

This solution worked for me - I simply installed Dean\'s FCKEditor for Wordpress - I did not even Activate it - and issue resolved. Hope this helps someone else!