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Customized Database Solutions

Do you wish your database was better customized to meet your working needs? We specialize in developing and designing custom FileMaker systems for clients large and small. For prospective clients, we offer a free consultation and system analysis to determine what you need to make your database software work best for you.

Filemaker Solutions

We build custom database solutions for any size business tailored to your specific needs. Each database is centralized, easy to use, and secure. Your authorized users can access information 24/7 and see only the data you want them to. Our robust reports and search features lets your users see the data just the way they want it.

Depending on your needs, your database can be accessed directly through FileMaker Pro software installed on your computer, from a web browser via WebDirect, or through the FMgo app on your ipad or iphone.

If you already have a FileMaker database that needs updating, working with older versions of FileMaker is one of our specialities: we have worked with every version of FileMaker Pro since version 6 and have the necessary software and experience to bring your database up-to-date. We have a well-defined process for bringing FileMaker Pro 6 and earlier versions to the current .fmp13 file format and know what pitfalls to avoid.

At Bear River Web Design, we are knowledgeable and experienced in the most up-to-date FileMaker Database Development techniques and we are members of the FileMaker Technical Network.

There are a number of factors that should be considered in tailoring an database for your company in order to effectively manage your business, within your budget. I invite you to give me a call at 888-530-BEAR (888-530-2327) ext. 3 or (530) 324-BEAR, so we can discuss your needs, or visit our web site to learn more about our local company.

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We are local members of community who want to see your business to of our friendly developers will meet with you personally to discuss your custom database goals and budget and work up a plan for developing a database that meets your company's specific needs.

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