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These are completely FREE FileMaker solutions designed for use with FileMaker® Pro 13, and are focused on streamling the development process of FileMaker solutions by offering simple modules that are easy to add to your own solution. These solutions were built with the experience gained from working with small businesses and non-profit organizations for over 9 years. Whether you are looking for additional functionality or features to add to your existing solution, or you are starting a new project and want to streamline the process by bringing in only the modules that you need, feel free to download and incorporate these free modules.
Drop-In Icons
Filemaker Solutions

The Drop-In Icons is a quick and easy drop includes 500 unique royalty free icons for you to drop into your solution. This icon library uses transparent .png icons. This solution utilizes 1 record with a repeating field of 500 repetitions in an easy grid format. Click on the icon to see a larger version. Each icon is 228x228 px at 300 DPI. They are organized in 15 categories, including: Business, Management, Finance, Shopping, Communication, Mobile, Internet, Computing, Media, Weather, Tools, Hands Gesture, Medicine, Transporation, Arrows. To incorporate this module into your solution simply, import 1 table, paste 1 script, bring in 2 value lists, paste in 1 layout (optionally 3 layouts) and import 1 record into your solution. See the Developers Read Me notes in the Scripts.

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