What Are the Advantages of Responsive Websites?
Advantages of Responsive Websites

What Are the Advantages of Responsive Websites?

By Karina Popa

Check out this article by Karina Popa that highlights some of the adanvatages of mobile responsive websites. All websites built by Bear River Web Design are responsive straight out of the gate, so you and your business can enjoy these benefits from day one.

Benefit 1: No Penalties on Duplicate Content

Do you recall having different versions of your website like the one designed for your smartphone and the other for your tablet? You may not be aware that Google penalizes those with duplicate content. This means that the same articles appear on your website over and over again. These penalties hurt your rankings and look spammy to Google. Worst of all, duplicate content can get your site deindexed from the search results. Thanks to responsive web design, there is no fear for duplicate content as it removes it from your site. When Google goes back to check your website, you will be back in the safe zone.

Benefit 2: Browsing Experience Offline

A majority of tablets and smartphones are HTML 5 enabled. This means they have capabilities of browsing offline. This allows the users to read email newsletters in HTML 5, which is great when the user does not have WiFi.

Benefit 3: Stay Ahead of the Competition

Since responsive web site design is relatively new, most of the websites are not yet responsive. Switch to responsive web design to stay ahead of your competitors. A lot of business and website owners are not comfortable investing in new technology such as this, simply because it is new. It would help to know that Google has planned on giving special treatment to websites with a responsive design (since April 21, 2015). By the end of 2016, you may have noticed that companies have been rushing to hire the services of web designers for responsive web design to meet the demands of mobile gadget users.

Stay in Business

Since you are now aware of the benefits and where the responsive website craze is leading, you know that you need a responsive design. You can lose a lot of customers and money if you do not use it. More and more often, consumers choose to buy online instead of using physical stores. Before purchasing a product, they read product reviews. So cater to the needs of your prospective customers and let your business grow. When you don't have a responsive website, there is a tendency to lose business and money. You may lose potential customers that shop with their mobile device.

And Responsive Designs are Cool!

When your website is hi-tech, people look to your company as being cool, and who does not want to be? An up-to-date website with all the latest technologies will provide a great user experience and will make your business look cool. This is unlike outdated websites that look stale with all their blue links and frames, among others. A clean, modern website that is easy to read builds trust and leads to more revenue.

Your Website Will Retain Its Relevance Longer

Have you recently been to a website that looks outdated with all the animation? It looks as if it was built in 2003. This kind of outdated web design can make the owner look unprofessional. Before entering their personal information, consumers will give it a lot of thought. Since a responsive web design allows your website to look great in all kinds of devices, we highly recommend that our clients switch to this design. This is because searching on mobile devices will remain and be around for a very long time.

A Note from Our Guest

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