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Pros and Cons of Wordpress CMS
Since WordPress is popularly known as a great blogging platform, CMS enthusiasts often debate about its use as a content management system. Using the right plugins, WordPress can also be used as a great CMS. The following list is meant for those who like to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of a particular CMS: Pros of WordPress When Used as a CMS: WordPress is known for being simple to use.
Missing A Temporary Folder error in Wordpress 3.2.1','missint-temp-folder-wordpress','','A wordpress site I was recently working on suddenly started getting an error "Missing a Temporary Folder" when trying to upload an image file.
There were lots of suggestions to change settings in htaccess, php.ini, create /tmp and /wwwtmp directories, but none of these worked for me. Then I found this solution:
Shivasoft Solution to Wordpress 3.2.1 "Missing a Temporary Folder" Problem\"

This solution worked for me - I simply installed Dean\'s FCKEditor for Wordpress - I did not even Activate it - and issue resolved. Hope this helps someone else!

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